Students from Geisenheim triumph at European Finals

In the end, the devil was in the details. Each of the three teams that advanced to the evening round of the business@school European Final Competition in Munich was able to impress the judges. But ultimately, there could be only one winner: The team from the boarding school Schloss Hansenberg in Geisenheim.

The winning team

"CanTech" gets first prize
With their resealable can for beverages, Jonas Albert (17), Bernhard von Mutius (16), Franziska Mathee (16), Patrick Agte (17), Yannick Lockner (17) and Mirko Griesel (17) prevailed against the tough competition at the European Final. During their presentation, they popped nearly 20 cans into the microphone. And that's just what their customers want: The emotional "fizz experience." With the Geisenheim team's product, they can have it – unlike with competing products. In a fresh approach to a resealable can, "CanTech" is part of the closing mechanism. Because it is integrated in the lid of the can, no other paraphernalia is needed. "An absolutely convincing product, both emotionally and technically," praised the panel of judges, whose members included, among others, Dr. Christoph Franz, acting chair of Deutsche Lufthansa AG; Dr. Gerhard Rupprecht, chairman of Allianz Deutschland AG; and Dr. Wolfgang Colberg, the CFO of Evonik Industries AG. First prize for the members of the winning team is a two-week paid internship at The Boston Consulting Group, where they can further hone their business skills.

"Easy Eat" and "Munditia" take second and third places

This year's silver medal went to Austria and the team from the Vienna Theresianum for their stainless steel chopstick holder. Their plan is to use it to establish "Easy Eat," a company providing creative eating solutions. The team's presentation and business plan were so persuasive that "every judge could imagine investing in the product," said Dr. Christoph Franz of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. But the team from the Erzbischöfliche Liebfrauenschule in Cologne also impressed with "Munditia," a faucet with a built-in soap dispenser. When you put your hands under the faucet, it first dispenses soap, followed in a few seconds by water. The panel of judges was particularly taken with the prototype the team had brought along, as well as with the product's secured financing.

Special prizes from Adidas, Ford, and Lufthansa
Not a single team left Munich empty-handed: In addition to their BCG internships, the members of the winning team can also look forward to attending a five-day academy for secondary school students at Zeppelin Universität—after which they can finally relax, so to speak, at the Ford test track in Lommel, Belgium. The "Easy Eat" team from Vienna will fly to Munich again compliments of Deutsche Lufthansa, where they will get a peek behind the curtains of the airline. The inventors of "Munditia" from Cologne received gift certificates from Adidas. Finally, the rest of this year's participants in business@school will hopefully take home with them memories of an exciting, enriching project year. All of them can be proud of what they achieved!