Vienna students develop a clean solution for potty chairs

Six European teams competed in the international preliminary finals at the Theresianum in Vienna, presenting a number of bright ideas, from a clever umbrella for cyclists to an innovative barbecue grill shaped like a garden gnome. The prize ultimately went to four resourceful Austrians whose product idea "Pot Pants" ensures clean potty chairs.

The winning team

A celebratory atmosphere in Vienna: After an exciting international preliminary final with many bright ideas and convincing presentations, the local heroes from the Theresianum and their product idea "Pot Pants" prevailed against five student teams from Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. The award for the best idea by a student team went to Alexei Zamyatin (17), Han-Sung Kim (17), Marcus Schmid (17), and Andy Wang (16). Pot Pants is a liner for potty chairs that allows simple and hygienic cleaning of the container. During their presentation in the Theresianum in Vienna, the students answered even critical questions confidently. The team earned high praise from the judges, who were impressed by the four students' presentation skills. The business experts also praised the passion the team evidenced for their own idea in the detailing and presentation.

Runners-up score with a clever umbrella, a practical folding bicycle, and an innovative barbecue grill

The judges of the international preliminary final in Vienna was also impressed by the inventiveness of the runners-up from Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. The team from Istituto Leone XIII in Milan presented "Dry Ride," a clever umbrella for cyclists that is attached to the bicycle and keeps riders dry without obstructing their view. The five students from Döblinger Gymnasium in Vienna also addressed the topic of bicycles: Their product idea was "PlicoBike," a practical folding bicycle. Thanks to a sophisticated technology, their bicycle folds together to only half the size of conventional models and is therefore easier to transport. The Swiss team from the cantonal school Enge in Zurich presented "BBQ Dwarf," an eye-catcher for any cookout. This innovative barbecue grill in the shape of a garden gnome is not only visually striking, but also practical and easy to transport.

The participants

The jury