Students of the Vienna Theresianum win with their business idea "Infant Pulse"

Six European teams competed against each other at the international regional finals in Milan. Many clever ideas were presented before the winner was decided: A team of four students from the Vienna Theresianum were able to convince the top-class judges of business representatives of their idea.

The winning team

On the evening of the regional finals, the Vienna students had reason to celebrate: The award for the best business idea from a student team went to Christine Eckel (17), Anja Grüll (16), Adam Ottrubay (17), and Noah Schermann (17). With their product, "Infant Pulse," the Vienna students were able to prevail against the competition: Infant Pulse is a bracelet for babies that measures the pulse and alerts parents with an alarm signal in case of a drop in the pulse rate. The students impressed the panel of judges with their innovative idea and the reliability of their product. The business experts also praised the sound and detailed value chain and the team's confident handling of the judges' questions.

Second place was shared by student teams from Milan, Vienna, and Zurich, who were also able to impress the panel of judges with their ideas. The team from Istituto Leone XIII in Milan developed the "Bicycle Bag Belt (BBB)," a practical cover for bicycle baskets that protects important utensils and documents from theft and bad weather. A technology idea was developed in Switzerland: The student team from the cantonal school Enge in Zurich presented "Pull 'N' Roll," a system that rolls up headphone wires, thereby preventing aggravating tangled wires. A second team from the Vienna Theresianum also secured second place: The team entered the competition with "Heelicious," a cloth covering for high heels.

The Panel of judges