Student Team Wins 2011 business@school Asian Finals with a Water-Saving Toilet

For the fifth time in a row, a team from the Singapore Chinese Girls' School has won the business@school Asian Finals in Singapore. The students prevailed in the exciting final round with their innovative business idea of a water-saving toilet.

The winning team

Once more, a student team from the Singapore Chinese Girls' School (SCGS) has won the Asian business@school competition. The five students from Team "Vincitore"-Kwok Jing Wen, Beverley Kong, Le Bach Truc Vien, Li Xin Yi, and Jaime Chen-convinced the panel of judges with their business idea, "SuperFlush," a water-saving toilet: The flushing mechanism uses suction force generated by the pressure difference between the atmospheric air and partial vacuum, after which a small amount of water is used to ensure cleanliness. The idea is supposed to help reduce water consumption in Singapore, where approx. 72 million liters of water are flushed down toilets each day.

The participating teams

The team impressed not only their teachers, but also the panel of judges in Singapore with their business idea. Chan Kin Hung (Head of Products & Solutions, StarHub Pte Ltd), Leo Ai Nah (Group Director, Industry Development, Spring Singapore), Monica Wadhwa (Assistant Professor of Marketing, INSEAD), and Lim Yew Heng (Principal in BCG's Singapore office) were thrilled by the students' idea and presentation.

The three other teams also impressed with creative ideas and presentations. Besides the students from SCGS, the participating teams were the Anglo-Chinese School Singapore (Independent) with a business idea for a new car-sharing concept, Raffles Institution with a terminal for quicker ordering of fast food; and Xinmin Secondary School with a shoe and umbrella vending machine in Singapore.

The participants

The jury