Student team wins Asian business@school 2012 final with a portable light sensor

In the suspenseful final round of the Asian business@school competition, the team "XzlR@" from Xinmin Secondary School prevailed over three other teams with its business plan for a portable light sensor. The sensor, which can be attached to a smartphone or bracelet, for instance, shows the user at all times whether the current light conditions are safe and healthy for reading or working at a computer.

The winning team

The winning team of the Asian business@school 2012 competition is from Xinmin Secondary School in Singapore. The five students on the team "XzlR@"—Ryan Chin (16), Jerold Lee (15), Jane Seng (15), Carmen Lim (15), and Chong Wee Lin (15)—claimed victory with their business idea for a portable light sensor to reduce the risk of nearsightedness. Reading and working at the computer should always be done with sufficient light. The team's small sensor gives its users a visual signal indicating whether the light is adequate, whether in the office or at home, to prevent their eyes from becoming strained.

With this business idea and their confident presentation, the team impressed not only their teachers, but also the judges of the Asian business@school final competition.

The winning team and the panel members

Michiel Hovers (Vice President Marketing Iron Ore, BHP Billiton Marketing Asia Pte Ltd), Khoo Wee Lin (Group Director of Planning Group, International Enterprise Singapore), Dr. Michael Meyer (Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group), and Prof. Patrick Turner (Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, INSEAD) were enthused with the team's presentation.

Besides the team from Xinmin Secondary School, the Asian business@school 2012 final in Singapore sent other teams home with prizes, too: The team from the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) for a business idea for a fitness studio that generates its own energy; the Raffles Institution for a service to save time on business trips; and the Singapore Chinese Girls' School for business plan for a funeral service provider.

The Panel of judges