Students from the Theresianum win with the button tacker

Students from the Theresianum win the International Finals in Milan with the button tacker that will fasten any kind of button.

The winning team

Diandra Bogdan (18), Kay Kaufmann (17), Maria Kupriyanova (17), Loredana Marta (18), and Philipp Thaller (17) from the Theresianum in Vienna are the winners of the international finals. Their idea: a button tacker that will fasten any kind of button to shirts, jackets, pants, etc.

Second place shared by teams from Vienna, Milan and Starnberg
The international finals took place in Milan with schools from Austria, Italy and Switzerland and the Munich International School Starnberg participating.
Congratulations also to the second places: The team from Istituto Leone XIII, Milan: "Razor One" Sofia Cattaneo (17), Giacomo Crea (18), Guglielmo Croff (17), Marcello D’Aprile (18), Lucrezia Luti (17), Sebastiano Quai (18), Carlo Rubini (18) had the idea of an innovative all-in-one razor that combines blades and shaving gel.

The second team from the Theresianum Vienna Thomas Caganek (17), Andrei Cursaru (18), Christian Schmid (17), Max Spohn (17), and Erik Sulimma (17) came up with a thermometer which can either be placed on the forehead, on the neck, or on the arm. And finally Jakob Brusdal (17), Bobby Epstein(16), Pepijn Francot (17), Anushka Goyal (17), Patrick Kozak (17), and Christian Vroemenn (17) from the Munich International School, Starnberg found a solution with a universal bottle cap which fits on all standardized bottles for a better drinking experience.

Thanks also for great ideas from Istituto Massimo from Rome, the Inter-Community School and the Kantonsschule Hottingen from Zurich for their presentations.

The participants

The Panel of judges