You think it is important for your child to not just gain knowledge in school subjects but also to expand his or her horizons early on? Knowledge of economics is an important component of a self-determined life. But soft skills also prepare students for their life after school.

It is not intended for parents to play an active role in business@school. But there are many ways in which you can support your child with business@school:

Do you have good contacts with local companies? Or do you run a small business yourself? If so, you can put your contacts to good use on behalf of the students. Or you can allow students to analyze your business for practice and explain to them what drives you personally as an entrepreneur. Please note: For reasons of fairness, your child may not analyze your own family business or that of a relative. But it is an excellent opportunity for any other school team.

Show your support for your child's involvement and attend the school or regional finals as a guest. Experience your child in a completely new environment and with incredible enthusiasm. You will be surprised at the level of knowledge and persuasion with which your son or daughter presents the team's own business idea to a high-caliber panel of judges and deftly answers critical questions. And: Keeping your fingers crossed for moral support helps!