Schools and teachers

In three phases, the students gain basic knowledge of economic concepts—first by analyzing a large company with a focus on the company structure, market, and competition, then by analyzing a small business in the area of the school with a focus on strategy and positioning. Finally, in phase III, the students demonstrate their own start-up skills by developing their own business idea including a business plan.

Volunteer coaches from over 20 partner companies provide real-life know-how, sharing with students their practical knowledge and experience as business experts. Students work in teams of four to six, with at least three teams at each participating school.

The students present the results of all three phases at individual school competitions. The best teams from each school then present their business ideas at regional competitions, with the winners moving on to the International Finals, where an expert panel of judges composed of high-ranking representatives from the business world selects the best business ideas.

Over the course of one school year, the students get a first-hand, practical taste of business. At the same time, they also practice soft skills such as teamwork and time management, helping them prepare for their life after school.

They also receive access to our password-protected online work platform with instructions and a corresponding app.

Flexible and digital—also in times of remote learning

Schools can participate in business@school both in the framework of their regular on-site curriculum as well as digitally and remotely. Our online work platform provides participating students and teachers with supporting documents, comprehensive learning materials—including videos—and the possibility to store and share files. Additionally, workshops are held in various formats covering a wide range of topics. All events can also be held digitally. To this end, business@school supports schools in going digital, enabling reliable scheduling even in case of short-term changes in plan.

What is my job?

As a teacher, you integrate the project into the curriculum at your school or offer it as an extracurricular activity. If you take over the project leadership, your role will be to coordinate the collaboration between the school, the external coaches, and the business@school project office. The minimum number of participants is 12 motivated students in teams of four to six. The student teams meet with their teacher at least once a week.

Teachers do not need a business background to get involved in business@school. Much more important is commitment to the project and a basic interest in business issues. We help teachers unfamiliar with business basics learn what they need to know for the project and provide them with guidance throughout the entire project year. Furthermore, all participating teachers receive access to our password-protected online work platform with instructions and a corresponding app, along with support from external coaches from our partner companies.

How can I apply?

Teachers who want to assume project leadership may apply for business@school between November 1 and April 1. This is a true application, not a registration. The schools admitted to the project will receive confirmation of acceptance in March. Only then is your participation in business@school confirmed.

You can find two different registration forms in the right-hand column: one for schools who wish to take part for the first time and one for those seeking to rejoin after a break. There is another form for currently participating schools.