You want to prepare your students for life after school and share more with them than what is included in the curriculum? Take the first step into the fascinating world of business together with your students and with the support of company representatives.

Corporate social responsibility (CRS) is more than a catchphrase to you as a company? Your employees enjoy getting in touch with the younger generation and can explain complex issues in a simple and comprehensible way? If so, then our educational initiative is just the thing for you!


You think it is important for your child to not just gain knowledge in school subjects but also to expand his or her horizons early on? Knowledge of economics is an important component for a self-determined life. But soft skills also prepare students for their life after school.

You have already been independent for some time now. What you learned at business@school helped you with your entry into studies, training, or working life. Now you want to give back and share the experiences you made with the educational initiative and in your career with the next generation.