Newsletter: Special Edititon - Our 20th anniversary

This past year, we celebrated our 20th anniversary. Over 28,000 young people have used our educational initiative as an opportunity to get a firsthand look at business and put their entrepreneurial skills into practice. More than 200 schools have embarked on the adventure of business@school—and many of them are so committed to the project that they have been with us for over 15 years. For this newsletter, we gathered for you the best stories about our participants, teachers, coaches, alumni, and founders.

Still visionary after 20 years

The beginnings of business@school
We are celebrating 20 years of business@school and here are our first winners! It's the year 1999. Just a handful of teams is participating in business@school. The winner team: "Service 4U" from Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Gymnasium in Hockenheim. The idea: offering flexible, affordable services for routine home and garden tasks.

Greetings from Uber headquarters in San Francisco

What are our alumni doing?
To date, more than 28,000 students have taken part in business@school. Many of them stay in touch, although they live all around the world. Josefin Graebe is one of them. She participated in business@school 2009/10–and she says, the experience shaped her life. She now works at Uber headquarters in San Francisco.

How business@school conquered Asia

"Bus with Us" wins first b@s Asian Finals in 2007
Six students from Singapore Chinese Girls' School were able to both charm and impress the business judges in the first Asian Finals. "Bus with Us" wanted to cooperate with bus companies to ferry small children to and from enrichment centers, schools and homes. The teams' efforts were supported by BCG coaches.

lobu strengthens lokal bookstores

David vs Goliath
Why seek far afield when good things are close at hand, one team from Vienna’ Sir Karl Popper School asked itself—and took on the online giant Amazon.

Planting trees for a neutral carbon footprint

Social Entrepreneur Award 2019
Shop online while reducing your carbon footprint? A team from Kantonsschule Enge in Zurich will let you do that with its CO² compensation service “compensate.” The students presented their social entrepreneur idea to the audience at the German Finals in Munich.

Sustainable, reusable and climate neutral: Gelo-Pack

business@school Finals 2019
Cooling injuries the cool way: Four students from the Städtische Siebengebirgsgymnasium convinced the judges with an innovative cold pack—taking first prize home to Bad Honnef for the second year in a row. Their Gelo-Pack is no ordinary cold pack: It's sustainable, recyclable, climate neutral, and perfect to take along on the road.