Video archive: 2017

A Helping Hand for Young Entrepreneurs in Albania
How do you read a balance sheet, a profit & loss statement, or an annual report? And how do you start your own business? These were a few of the questions tackled by the students in Buçimas, Albania, who participated in a workshop intended to foster entrepreneurial spirit, courage, and confidence in their own abilities. The local empowerment pilot was supported by the aid organization Nehemiah Gateway.

BCG Social Entrepreneur Award 2017
Korkardam Boham. Working together as equals—that is the goal of a group of students from Prälat Diehl School in Groß-Gerau, Germany. Together with young refugees in the Rhine-Main area, they developed Softdrop, a warming sitting cushion for outdoor activities. The first prototypes have already been sewn, the first customer will be the soccer team @EintrachtFrankfurt. These young people are now planning to create jobs and internships for refugees. In recognition of this dedication, they were awarded the 2017 BCG Social Entrepreneur Award. Congratulations!