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Social Entrepreneur Award 2019
The Kantonsschule Enge school in Zurich wins with compensate a CO₂ compensation service. The six-person team shows how we can compensate for the CO₂ pollution we cause when shopping online. The teenagers are looking for partners among the big players in the online industry and are aiming for certification.

Happy birthday from Switzerland
What are the benefits of business@school for participants later in life? Nicole Solden-Brockhaus reveals just that in this short video. She participated in business@school's international competition with her students at the Kantonsschule Enge school in Zurich for more than ten years. Now she's passing on the responsibility.

David vs. Goliath: Lobu strengthens local bookstores
"Why do the books we order online have to be sent from across the globe? Just because we don't know we could get them closer to home? In this day and age, with so much traffic, there has to be another solution," thought the members of one of our teams at Sir Karl Popper School in Vienna. So they set out to develop their concept for their local book service Lobu. One of the brains behind Lobu, Konstantin Klingler, tells us how the team got started with its business idea.



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