Load your smartphone anytime with "MyCharge"

Edoardo Bartolucci (18), Federica Corbo (17), Martina De Clementi (17), Camilla Di Dio (17), Francesco Manzieri (17), Tommaso Manzone (17), and Roberto Olivieri (17) of Istituto Massimo in Rome found the solution to a common problem: the short life of smartphone batteries. With their innovative new system "MyCharge," smartphone users can charge their batteries anytime, anywhere.

The winning team

Second place shared by teams from Vienna and Stuttgart
The other three teams that made it to the last leg of the international preliminary round also presented their business ideas to the panel of judges: "Spike shoes," the idea presented by Aloysia Acosta (17), Johannes Ladwig (16), Arthur Piech (17),  Nicholas Redmon (17), and Magnus Remmers (17) of the International School of Stuttgart, are soccer shoes with interchangeable soles for indoor (gym) and outdoor (grass) soccer fields. Teresa Beer (17), Nikolaus Kremslehner (17), Rebeka Kruchió (17), Andreas Scheuba (17), and Thomas Scheuba (17) of Döblinger Gymnasium in Vienna presented their "T-Timer," which removes a tea bag from the cup when the tea is finished, based on a time entered by the user. The team from the Theresianum in Vienna, comprised of Florian Fiala (17), Jakob Itzlinger (16), Filip Matić (17), Moritz Schumutzenhofer (16), and Fabian Wutte (16), impressed the judges with their "Port-o-Pad," a practical, portable and easy-to-use mouse pad.

After the last leg, all the teams celebrated together!

The participants

The Panel of judges